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The Accessions Systems Branch (ASB) is the Army National Guard's central recruitment, retention and attrition management operation.  The Accessions Systems Branch's Training, Development and Support (ASB-TDS) program is responsible for supporting ASB in providing training research, analysis, design, development, execution and support activities for the Army National Guard Recruiting Command as well as the Army G-1 Human Resource community in all 54 states and territories.   The goal of the ASB-TDS program is to ensure that all current automated business systems, web-based applications, hardware, and software programs are utilized effectively and efficiently to improve recruitment, retention and attrition management for the National Guard.  The ASB-TDS program was established after the Army National Guard leadership determined that production, performance and attrition was being affected negatively due to a degradation in human resources job skills despite initial skills training.  They found that this was due to a lack of continuous training and information technology customer support.



The role of a human resources and recruiting professional in a recruiting candidate's National Guard experience is critical to their success in transitioning to becoming a Soldier, navigating Army National Guard programs and services, and managing their career as an Army National Guard Soldier.  MTCI supports the Army National Guard by providing varied training events to a variety of audiences.  Training events are developed for entry level personnel, mid-level managers and senior leaders. MTCI trains human resources and recruiting professionals on how to utilize automated business systems and applications, and web-based systems.  MTCI also trains Army National Guard leadership on how to interpret data to better manage resources. 

MTCI delivers training utilizing a variety of training methods – instructor led, blended solutions and on-line learning.  Through the use of proprietary analytic development of individualized training  MTCI delivered pinpoint training which increased performance, production and efficiency while significantly reducing cost to the Army National Guard.