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In response to challenges in recruiting and retaining personnel within the Army National Guard's military intelligence community, the Director of the Army National Guard put in place the Military Intelligence Get Well Plan.   The aim of the Get Well Plan was to improve retention and recruiting efforts of military intelligence professionals.   While the Get Well Plan successfully improved the strength of the military intelligence workforce, there were other military occupational specialties that were experiencing lower levels of readiness with not enough personnel available to fulfill mission critical occupations. 



The Army National Guard implemented a program to improve recruitment and retention of hard to fill military occupations.  MTCI conducted extensive analysis looking at the trends in military occupations and the evolving military career specialty needs to determine hard to fill occupations.  MTCI's analysis provides critical insight for the Army National Guard on many aspects of the strength of occupational specialties within the workforce.  Due to years of data analysis, the team was able to identify an important trend and, therefore, challenge in retaining military professionals.  With this information, MTCI determined areas of improvement to retain and recruit for these military specialties. 

MTCI also assists in recruiting for those hard to fill specialties.  Training and guidance is provided to target and recruit for needed military specialties.  Once recruited, MTCI works with the Army National Guard to monitor career progress to ensure a strong retention rate.  Ultimately, reporting rates and overall unit readiness have greatly improved and the Army National Guard is assured a viable force to rely upon.  MTCI has been critical to ensuring the availability of key personnel in other occupational specialties throughout the Army National Guard.